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Behind the Panel: Garth Ennis tells us about The Punisher and Preacher

By Mike Avila

Although Garth Ennis may not be widely known outside of comic book circles, his work is getting incredible exposure outside of the industry. Ennis' Preacher will return to AMC for a fourth season, while The Boys is set to debut on Amazon Prime later this year. In the latest installment of SYFY WIRE's Behind the Panel, Ennis touched upon his experience in the comic book industry and pointed to a surprising title as his breakout moment.

"Although I don't regard the Marvel Knights Punisher as being as good as the MAX Punisher, or being as worthwhile, I have realized how important it was to me and my career," said Ennis. "A lot of people talk about Preacher, but it barely sold half what that Punisher run did. And all of a sudden, I realized what this did for me was it got my work in front of a mainstream Marvel audience who might never go anywhere near something like Preacher."

Ennis' Marvel Knights Punisher run was primarily illustrated by the late Steve Dillon. Ennis and Dillon co-created Preacher, and frequently collaborated. During our discussion, Ennis spoke about his partnership with Dillon, as well as a few other artists he worked with over the years.

Additionally, Ennis shared a few very funny stories about the genesis of Preacher and how he was able to get away with the series' outrageous content for so long. He may also be inadvertently responsible for some office damage after one of the DC editors finally read Preacher.

That's just the beginning of Ennis' reflections in this video. If you want the rest, you'll have to watch it all the way through!