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BFFs Matt Damon and Ben Affleck poke fun at Batman, Bourne in hilarious charity video

By Jacob Oller
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Omaze

Look out Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, there's a new actorly friendship looking to bust chops for a good cause — and for the amusement of genre fans everywhere. Childhood friends turned Oscar-winning A-listers, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been prominent pop culture figures for decades as well as charitable forces of nature.

Now the duo are combining their powers to raise money for their causes while continuing to rib each other as only friends can. Friends that have been Batman and Jason Bourne, that is.

To promote their new charity sweepstakes, where donors to the Eastern Congo Initiative and are entered to win an L.A. lunch with the pair, Damon and Affleck released a silly video poking fun at their own biggest roles...and the fact that other actors have gone on to take over. Robert Pattinson wasn't invited to the filming, apparently. Sigh.

Take a look:

Anything can be discussed at this lunch, including, as Damon says, "roles that we've played that maybe other people have played too, to winning effect." 

The Boston besties bring up Pattinson (taking over as Bruce Wayne in The Batman) and Jeremy Renner (who "expanded the Bourne universe" in The Bourne Legacy, as Damon explains) in a video that's as funny as it is lo-fi. One day Affleck will get to find Damon's secret private Instagram account — in fact, maybe that's what the winner should ask about after generously helping support a pair of world-improving organizations.

Fans can enter the sweepstakes from right now until Jan. 28, 2021. The winner will then be announced "on or around February 17, 2021."