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Strange and squirming black 'goo' has Twitter welcoming the arrival of a real-life Venom

By Josh Weiss

Perhaps wanting to take advantage of the current pandemic, the parasitic inhabitants of Klyntar have come to our planet with the intention of a full-scale invasion.

When we saw the term "Venom" trending on Twitter, we expected some news about the upcoming sequel from Sony, so you can imagine our surprise when our eyes beheld a video of what looks to be a real-life symbiote.

The writhing mass of black goo (see the video below) completely resembles the native form of the classic Spider-Man villain-turned-antihero. It even contracts, pulling itself back together, when someone gently runs a jagged saw through the squirming conglomeration.

So far, no one has any idea of what the thing is for sure, but with the way 2020 has been going since January, we wouldn't be very surprised if a symbiote takeover is the unexpected curveball humanity must face this month. Of course, the video could just be a giant hoax or, perhaps, an instance of nature flaunting its inscrutable (and somewhat skin-crawling) beauty.

That said, there are some plausible scientific theories out there — mainly that the "goo" is simply a bootlace worm (or a collection of them).

Some of the longest animals on the planet, bootlace worms are known to produce a mucus full of a highly powerful neurotoxin that protects them against natural predators. The toxin has proven potent enough to kill crabs and cockroaches. Luckily, it's much less effective in the cells of mammals like us and, as of 2018, is being studied as a potential insecticide.

Who knew worms were capable of April Fool's pranks? (Heads up, some NSFW language below.)

Meanwhile, the Venom sequel is expected to hit theaters on Oct. 2. Directed by motion-capture maven Andy Serkis (he took over from Ruben Fleischer), the follow-up sees Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) facing off against convicted murderer Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage (Woody Harrelson).