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WATCH: SYFY WIRE's Black Mirror Season 5 review


Earlier this week, Netflix dropped the fifth season of its unsettling anthology series Black Mirror. It’s a show that allows us to gaze into the void of modern technology and social media. But sometimes the void looks back.

SYFY WIRE’s Jackie Jennings has viewed the three episodes that comprise Black Mirror Season 5, and she shares her many thoughts about the stories here.

**SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for Black Mirror Season 5 discussed below and in the vid!**

“Striking Vipers” kicks off the season with a story revolving around a very Street Fighter-esque fighting game that allows players to fully become their digital avatars. Almost everything is possible, even virtual sex between two otherwise heterosexual men, namely Danny (Anthony Mackie) and Karl (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.) And that makes their relationship unexpectedly complicated. In the game, they can be a man and a woman; but in the real world, they simply can't recapture that virtual sensation.

The second episode, "Smithereens," tackles the very modern topics of ride-share apps and social media. It also unleashes the most unexpected visual of the new season: Topher Grace with a man bun. Charlie Brooker, what have you done?!

Do robots have feelings? "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" suggests that not only do robots have them, they’re important! Imagine if your Alexa contained the brainwaves of your favorite celebrity. Miley Cyrus stars in the episode as Ashley Too, the robotic avatar of pop star Ashley 0, also played by Cyrus. The episode raises some intriguing ethical questions about what can and should be done with the human mind.

For more about the fifth season of Black Mirror, check out the full video, then let us know your review below!