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Netflix's Z Nation prequel, Black Summer, set to fill that Walking Dead void

By Josh Weiss
Black Summer

Season 9 of AMC's The Walking Dead will be ending at the end of this month, but you won't have to wait too long for more zombie action to hit the small screen.

Thanks to Netflix, you'll only have to wait a few weeks until the premiere of Black Summer, a post-apocalyptic prequel to SYFY's own Z Nation, which was recently canceled after five seasons.

Set during the breakdown of society after a virulent zombie virus outbreak, the new series stars Jaime King (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Rose, a young mother trying to find her daughter. To succeed in her quest, Rose must ally herself with other refugees, who must all make tough decisions in a world no longer governed by civilized rules.

Watch the trailer now:

Produced by The Asylum, Black Summer was created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. Schaefer, of course, co-created Z Nation alongside Craig Engler.

"Black Summer is before the apocalypse got weird and was just scary," Schaefer said last year at San Diego Comic Con.

Speaking with SYFY Fangrrls in October, Z Nation producer Jodi Binstock said:

"Really, the only similarity between Z Nation and Black Summer is that the Black Summer is the first summer that Z Nation took place in. Z Nation, when it begins, is in year four of the zombie apocalypse. Black Summer is three months in; this is the first outbreak, this is when all the sh*t's hitting the fan. It's not tongue-in-cheek at all. It is as realistic as any television I've ever seen."

Season 1 of Black Summer will seek human flesh on Netflix Thursday, April 11.