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Exclusive: Meet the wizards, space pirates, and spooks in Boom!'s new graphic novel, Hotel Dare

By Jeff Spry
Hotel Dare Hero

Need some comfortable accommodations for your imagination this summer? Think about checking in, then, to Boom! Studios' enticing new YA crossover graphic novel Hotel Dare, with its supernatural assortment of weirdly amusing visitors and guests.

Injected with aspects of Mexican and Aztec culture and appealing to fans of both Coco and Chronicles of Narnia, Hotel Dare arrives on June 11 from popular cartoonist Terry Blas (You Say Latino, Steven Universe) and Eisner Award-winning and GLAAD Award-nominated artist Claudia Aguirre (Kim&Kim). And SYFY WIRE has an exclusive first look inside its magical doors.

Hotel Dare Cover

Its creepy-fun storyline follows Olive and her adopted siblings, Charlotte and Darwin, who are all spending the summer with Mama Lupe, their estranged abuela at her spooky multi-leveled Mexican hotel.

Rather than frolicking about the expansive grounds playing, they’re stuck inside doing manual labor chores until they accidentally stumble upon a wondrous secret: a mysterious ancient mask that holds the power to unlock forbidden doors, which act as portals to strange worlds populated by space pirates, wizards, ghosts, shapeshifting monsters, and long-forgotten secrets from their family's past.

Hotel Dare Slice 1

“I’m excited for the world to meet the Dare family and to share in their sci-fi and fantasy adventures," Blas tells SYFY WIRE. "Traveling to different worlds offers these characters the opportunity to discover what is important to them, whether that's their identity, their relationship with the past, or the idea that family are the people who treat you like family."

Blossoming from Boom!'s award-winning YA imprint, KaBoom!, this colorful world-hopping release and its three mystical kingdoms will keep fans of all ages occupied in its 144 immersive pages.

Hotel Dare Slice 2

"Hotel Dare is an amazing story that immersed me deep in the adventures of the Dare family," Aguirre tells to SYFY WIRE. "Getting the opportunity to draw a butt-kicking abuelita, a bunch of rebellious and smart siblings, and a world-hopping adventure? This is exactly where I want to be."

Step into our expanded preview of Hotel Dare, which arrives in bookstores on June 11, in the full gallery below.