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SYFY WIRE Brian Michael Bendis

Watch: Bendis puts on the hard sell for Legion of Superheroes on Seth Meyers

By Matthew Jackson
Brian Michael Bendis Seth Meyers

Comic book writers don't often get the chance to head to late night talk shows, but because Seth Meyers is a major comic book fan himself, he likes to give some of the medium's biggest names a spotlight every once in a while. Thursday night it was Brian Michael Bendis' turn to once again sit in the guest chair on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about the biggest developments in his career lately and offer audiences a taste of his new Legion of Super-Heroes series

Though his personal triumph of a successful transfer from Marvel to DC Comics — which Meyers compared for the audience to something like Derek Jeter moving from the Yankees to the Red Sox mid-career — might be his biggest professional development in recent years on the comics page, Meyers opened the interview by mentioning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a film starring Bendis' co-creation, Miles Morales. The film has been embraced by audiences everywhere and earned the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature earlier this year, and though Bendis didn't work directly on the film himself, he's been enjoying basking in the warmth it provides.

“We did it in comics, and then great filmmakers came and grabbed it and did it better than us, and achieved a higher goal but still stayed within what we were trying to achieve," he said. "And now I get to sit back and everyone watches it on Netflix and tweets lovely things at us all day. It’s like a hug that never stops.”

Then talk turned to his DC Comics work, and after touching on his new creation Naomi and what it's like to write Superman, Meyers brought up Bendis' upcoming run on Legion of Super-Heroes, DC's legendary 31st century group of heroes which Bendis called "for people who know, the greatest superhero team of all time." Bendis is relaunching the Legion this fall with a two-issue prequel titled Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium, which will be followed by an ongoing series from Bendis and artist Ryan Sook, who's also put a lot of work into redesigning the iconic Legion characters. 

Brian Michael Bendis Feels the Pressure of Writing Superman

Bendis is, quite understandably, thrilled to be taking on yet another classic DC Comics property so early in his time at the company, but the Legion of Super-Heroes is not exactly a household name among those who don't read comics, which meant he had to spend a little time selling the new series to the Late Night audience. So, here's how he contextualized it, as Meyers held up some of Sook's art to show off the character redesigns:

“For people who think they’ve seen like it all — like ‘Avengers: Endgame, it’s...Oh my God!’ — for people in the know, you ain’t seen Legion yet. Legion’s the thing.”

That's quite a teaser, particularly since Bendis spent nearly 20 years working in Marvel Comics writing things like The Avengers and that company's biggest crossover events, so he knows exactly how big things like Endgame are. 

Check out the full interview above. Bendis' Legion stories kick off this September.