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SYFY WIRE Swamp Thing

Report: Canceled Swamp Thing could have led to Justice League Dark series

By James Comtois
Swamp Thing DC Universe

With Swamp Thing being canceled almost as soon as it began airing, many fans are speculating on what could have been. Well, thanks to some inside sources speaking to Business Insider, we’ve been given a better idea of what this show may have led to. 

In addition to getting “a possible three-season arc,” one source close to production told the media outlet that if Swamp Thing wound up being a hit, it could have been Square One for an Arrowverse-like series of spinoff shows, “with characters spinning off into their own shows,” according to the report. 

And among these spinoffs under consideration? A Justice League Dark series. 

Justice League Dark is to Justice League what Baywatch Nights was to Baywatch. Okay, maybe not exactly. But they were the team that dealt with the supernatural and horrific threats to goodness and normalcy rather than your typical supervillain trying to take over the world. Swamp Thing, John Constantine, and Deadman are among Justice League Dark’s members. 

Hollywood has been trying to make a movie of Justice League Dark for years, but that project continues to languish away in development hell.  

Season 1 of Swamp Thing was originally supposed to have 13 episodes, but production abruptly shut down in April after the order was cut down to 10 episodes. DC Universe then confirmed it would not be picking up Swamp Thing for another season mere days after the show premiered on the superhero subscription streaming service. 

DC Universe has not provided a reason for the cancelation (“We appreciate there are questions as to ‘why,’ but unfortunately we are not in a position to answer at this time,” said a post on one of DC Universe’s community boards), which has led to speculation, with theories ranging from the show being prohibitively expensive to a miscommunication with North Carolina's film office over tax rebates (which the state's film office director has denied).

So, unfortunately for Justice League Dark fans, this possible spinoff series wound up being collateral damage to Swamp Thing sinking in the mud. But also remember this was still a bit of a longshot: it was only eyed as an option if the show became a hit and continued to be a success after its initial three-season arc. 

Swamp Thing will continue to air on Fridays, with the finale airing on Aug. 2.

(Via Business Insider)