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SYFY WIRE The School For Good and Evil

Charlize Theron & Kerry Washington head back to class in Paul Feig’s The School for Good and Evil

By Vanessa Armstrong
Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road, Snow White and the Huntsman) and Kerry Washington (ScandalDjango Unchained) have joined the Paul Feig-directed film The School for Good and Evil.

“Attention students: @paulfeig’s THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL has made some new additions to the faculty,” the Netflix Film Twitter account announced today. The tweet went on to tag Charlize Theron’s and Kerry Washington’s accounts, and ended with the promise: “Class begins soon…”

Theron and Washington will join Sofia Wylie and Sophia Anne Caruso, who will play the two student protagonists, Sophie and Agatha. The film, which is an adaptation of a YA fantasy novel by Soman Chainani, follows fairy tale legacies who get placed in what they consider to be the wrong schools; Sophie, who has princess aspirations, ends up in the School for Evil, while Agatha, with her wicked cat and goth tendencies, ends up in the School for Good.

Theron and Washington will be teachers at said schools, and Feig revealed on Twitter today who will be the Good teacher and who will be the Evil one. “I know what school I’m applying to!” Feig tweeted, along with an image revealing that Theron will play Lady Lesso and Washington will play Professor Dovey. “So thrilled to welcome Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington to the School for Good and Evil! Everyone, prepare to get schooled!”

In the books, Theron’s Lady Lesso starts as the dean for the School of Evil and acts as a mentor to Sophie (Caruso). Washington’s Professor Dovey is Lesso’s counterpart at the School for Good and is also the fairy godmother to Cinderella as well as Agatha (Wylie).

No news yet on when the Netlifx film will start production or make it onto the streaming platform.