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WIRE Buzz: Charlize Theron still hasn't been asked to be in the MCU; Fantasia Fest films; The Honeymoon Phase

By Jacob Oller
The Old Guard Key Art

Charlize Theron may have proven herself to be one of the greatest action hero actors of the modern age — with Atomic Blonde, Mad Max: Fury Road, and now The Old Guard under her belt — but there’s still one of its subgenres she hasn’t yet explored: the superhero movie. She was famously asked to play Wonder Woman’s mom in Diana’s first DCEU film (an insult that the Oscar-winner, who’s only nine years older than star Gal Gadot, turned down), but Marvel hasn’t even gotten that far.

Speaking to Variety, Theron confirmed that any and all Marvel rumors are hokum — not because she’s against playing a superhero, but because Marvel still hasn’t called. “I swear to God. I've never gotten anything,” Theron said of being approached to be in the MCU. “No, I'm not lying to you. But that's okay. You know what? I am paving my own way. I'm creating my own opportunities. So it's all right.”

While there are always those looking to stir the pot with regards to fan-casting movies, Theron makes it clear that Marvel has never reached out to her with an offer — which is all the more a shame when reading The Old Guard’s great reviews. At least fans will have one comic adaptation they can watch Theron kick ass in.

The Old Guard — directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and co-starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Matthias Schoenaerts, Marwan Kenzari, Luca Marinelli, and Harry Melling — hits Netflix on July 10.

Next, another virtual film festival specializing in genre fare has released an additional look into its programming slate. The Fantasia International Film Festival, which will host its Canada-only (really, it's geolocked down) virtual event from Aug. 20 - Sept. 2, is going to be a haven for those after the fringes of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy.

The fest unveiled two dozen newly selected films, including the world premieres of Bleed With Me, Fugitive Dreams, The Five Rules of Success, For the Sake of Vicious, Minor Premise, The Oak Room, The Block Island Sound, PVT Chat, and Slaxx

A variety of international and North American premieres will also take place at the festival, as the rest of the announced slate includes the following films: Alone, Beauty Water, Class Action Park, Climate of the Hunter, The Columnist, Crazy Samurai Musashi, The Dark and the Wicked, Detention, La Dosis, I WeirDo, Jesters: The Game Changers, Life: Untitled, Me and Me, A Mermaid in Paris, My Punch-Drunk Boxer, Project Dreams - How to Build Mazinger Z's Hangar, The Prophet and the Space Aliens, Sanzaru, Savage State, and Vertigo.

Fans can read more about this bevy of films with interesting titles (The Prophet and the Space Aliens? Sold!) on the fest’s official site. The rest of the Fantasia Fest lineup will be announced on Aug. 6.

Finally, a twisty new sci-fi horror looks to abuse those isolated at home. Writer/director Phillip G. Carroll Jr.'s feature debut, The Honeymoon Phase, is especially timely as it looks to trap married couples in high-tech homes for a month in order to analyze love (and its disintegration). In the film's first trailer, fans find out it's especially rough if you're quarantined with someone you don't really know.

Jim Schubin and Chloe Carroll play Tom and Eve, who agree to this coronavirus-esque bargain with mercenary motives. The only problem is they're not really married and Eve might not actually know if Tom is...well, Tom. And who are these Director and Handler running the whole shebang? Spookiness is locked in there with the couple in a situation all too familiar to genre fans right now.

Take a look:

The Millenium Project? Yeah, this is a little too familiar. Except for the weird hologram scientists, sci-fi outfits, brainwave scanners, and growing violence. Though, hey, some fans may have been experiencing those too. No judgment.

The Honeymoon Phase, which also features performances by Tara Westwood and Francois Chau, aims to hit both theaters and a digital release on Aug. 21.