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SYFY WIRE Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Madam Satan: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina spinoff one-shot delves into who really runs hell

By Matthew Jackson
Madam Satan #1 cover

This October, Archie Comics returns to the world of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with a hellishly fun one-shot. Today, SYFY WIRE is pleased to exclusively reveal Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Presents: Madam Satan #1, a new spinoff that will land in comic shops just in time for Halloween.

Anyone who's read the Chilling Adventures series is familiar with Madam Satan, Edward Spellman's ex-girlfriend hell-bent (pun definitely intended) on revenge against the Spellman family, Sabrina included. Now she's getting a chance to take more of the spotlight for herself. Here's the official synopsis:

"The Queen of Hell has had enough playing second fiddle to the Devil himself and is ready to take matters into her own hands! Will Madam Satan prove herself to be the most powerful being of the Underworld? Find out in this terrifying one-shot tale!"

Madam Satan #1 comes to us from writer Eliot Rahal and the art team of Julius Ohta, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli. You can check out Ohta's cover for the one-shot, as well as a variant cover by Robert Hack, below.

Here's how Rahal describes his take on the character to SYFY WIRE:

"Archie Comics has taken some of the most innovative risks with its publishing line. I really love that kind of creativity and it's been one of my biggest goals to be a small part of that legacy. For the past decade, I've been grinding it out in indy comics. Some of the work I'm most proud of are my character-focused stories," he said. "My goal with this one-shot was to bring that level of attention to Madam Satan as a person (or demon/witch if you will). I wanted to honor her. Make it meaningful. And for me to do that I had to take Evil very seriously, which was ... weird. But also fun! However, regardless of how much energy I bring to the material let's all be honest ... the real hero is the artwork. Julias Ohta, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli bring Hell to life. I'm just so grateful to work alongside them and have this opportunity. I hope everyone enjoys it. Hail Madam Satan."

For Archie, the Madam Satan one-shot serves two key purposes in 2020. For one thing, it's a major draw for Sabrina fans that will hopefully boost sales for retailers. For another, it's the gateway to new Archie Horror titles.

"We wanted to make sure that our first new title for the direct market this Fall was something retailers would be excited to present to customers old and new," Archie co-president Alex Segura tells us. "Playing in the world of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina felt like a surefire bet, and pairing two rising stars like Eliot and Julius ensures that readers get an essential and engaging story. We know fans are clamoring for more Archie Horror and this one-shot is just the beginning of new stories we can tell going forward."

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Presents: Madam Satan #1 is in comic book shops Oct. 21.