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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: A radio station called Frank

By Courtney Enlow

When testing a new look or branding, enterprising executives and/or mad scientists need to be quick to correct course based on public reaction. So when The Mads, aka Dr. Clayton Forrester, and TV's Frank of Mystery Science Theater 3000 tested their new theme song "Livin' in Deep 13" (with the catchy chorus of "ba dah been / we're livin' in Deep 13") (also, the theme song to what? Who knows? Who cares? Look over there. *runs away*) to a weak audience response, they changed things up completely, starting their own radio station: a radio station called Frank!

So, come on! Turn your crank... to Frank! Less talk! More new country! Wynonna! Billy Ray Cyrus! More Garth! More Reba! Wynonna!

Why do two scientists whose chief express purpose is forcing a man and his robot companions to watch bad movies as an act of sciencey torture, an experiment which is nebulous at best already, need a radio station? Why is it country? How much Wynonna is too much Wynonna?

Oh, I'm sorry, there's an incoming message on the Hexfield.

Missing media item.

They've got a point. I, for one, will be turning my crank to Frank.