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SYFY WIRE Ahsoka Tano

Chosen One of the Day: Ahsoka Tano, period

By Preeti Chhibber
Ahsoka in Star Wars The Clone Wars1

There are few characters as beloved as Ahsoka freakin’ Tano. It was a slow burn of a love, to be sure (hoo boy Artooey, is the early Clone Wars era is r o u g h).

Yesterday, the trailer for the final season of the Clone Wars dropped and we’re reminded of what a bad*ss Ahsoka has consistently been in the face of absolute constant nonsense. 

Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars s7 trailer

She’s dealt with Anakin’s nonsense, with Obi Wan’s nonsense, with the whole-ass Jedi council’s nonsense. Jedi Master? No thanks. Ahsoka’s a Master at Dealing With Nonsense. 

She may have walked away from the Order, but in the latest trailer, she’s back in the thick of it on the Siege of Mandalore. And LOOK AT HER GO. 

“We were trained to be keepers of the peace,” she starts, when asked why anyone would leave the Jedi, “not soldiers.” 

Talk about a sick burn. Okay, it’s way more serious than that, but truly, Ahsoka sees what’s happening. Clone Wars is coming back on February 21 and just look at all the Ahsoka in this teaser. 

Ahsoka and explosions! We get Ahsoka on a space motorcycle!

Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars Trailer 1

[Ed. note: we know it's a speeder bike leave us alone and let us have this space motorcycle.]


Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars trailer lightsabers

Ahsoka Tano is the best of what Star Wars can be, and I want her in all things. Books, movies, TV shows, video games. Experiencing a new Star Wars thing only to find they haven’t included her is always the great sadness of my life in that moment. 

Suffice to say, we’ll take all the Ahsoka we can get.