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SYFY WIRE fantasy

Chosen One of the Day: American Gods' Bilquis

By Courtney Enlow

Once upon a time there was a f*****g queen.

This week on Strong Female Characters (find it wherever you get your podcasts! *wink*), we discussed the oft-problematic trope of the femme fatale, the majority of which has been created for and from the male gaze and has historically been a symbol of the inherent untrustworthiness of the sexually empowered woman. In the end, we asked our listeners to inform us of good examples of female characters who use their sexuality to manipulate or even kill.

Not to step on your toes, sweet listeners, but I thought of a really good one and she combines my favorite things: eating and getting it.

American Gods' Bilquis aka the Queen of Sheba, as portrayed by actual living goddess Yetide Badaki, just wants to be worshipped by her sexual partners. Relatable. Then she eats them with her royal v. Also relatable. It's like how you're supposed bow when you meet the queen, only you bow so far you end know. In the castle. As it were. 

This is normally where I would incude a gif or a video. But I don't think I can. So. You know. Use your imagination. It's exactly that. 

You know what? We'd consider dying at her, erm, hands an honor, tbh. 

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