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SYFY WIRE The Mandalorian

Chosen One of the Day: Amy Sedaris, the Momdalorian

By Courtney Enlow

Remember when they announced The Mandalorian and we were like "UGH IF THIS IS SOME BOBA FETT NONSENSE" and now it's the best thing that ever happened to our lives?

They gave us Baby Yoda. For that alone, the show deserves all the Emmys, Oscars, Tonys, Grammys, and a Cable Ace Award for good measure. But it's given us so much more! Taika Droid! Pedro Pascal brooding so good you can sense it through his helmet! Gina Carano punching sh*t! 

But this most recent episode gave us the greatest gift of all: Amy Sedaris as the Momdalorian. In. This. Wig.


As Peli Motto, ship repairperson — one who manages to do so sans droids, per our Mando's diva-esque demands — Sedaris is serving eyebrowless realness meets Barbra Streisand in A Star is Born coiffurial greatness. And that's all before she finds "the child" toddling his way down the ramp, picks him up and becomes a master babysitter all while fixing this busted-ass ship. Baby Yodester LOVES HER.


So do we, itty bitty yiddle Yoda poo, so do we.

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