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Chosen One of the Day: Baby Yoda

By Preeti Chhibber
Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian

Look, you knew it was coming. Don’t fight it. Enter its sweet embrace. Come join us in the land of the Chosen One of … well, all-time, really. 

Last month, Disney+ launched The Mandalorian and our world was never to be the same. At the end of the first episode, Mando leans toward a floating bassinet, and I yelled out “IS IT A BABY HUTT?!” 

Reader, it was not a Huttling. It was a g*ddamn, beautiful, perfect, old-man lookin’ Baby Yoda. 

Baby Yoda ear flops

Oblig.: We here at SYFYWIRE FANGRRLS are aware that the little perfect wonderful bébé is not mmmmYACTUALLY Yoda, but it’s shorthand. Get with it. 

mmmYACTUALLY, I’m going to go with the name I think it should have been given and refer to it as Yiddle Yoddle from here on out. 

‘Cause you know why? Yiddle Yoddle’s gotta toddle. 

baby yoda toddle

Yiddle Yoddle’s gotta bottle … up their Force so they can save their Dadalorian.

baby yoda force sleep

Yiddle Yoddle’s gotta throttle. Or touch a throttle and eat it, any way. 

Baby Yoda Throttle

Yiddle Yoddle is a perfect child and I will not hear another word about it. God remember when it cried?! 

Baby Yoda crying

The little poppet (and puppet) has made Werner Herzog cry. It’s given us a nigh endless supply of memes.

It’s truly a great uniter. 

So may the Force be with you, my adorable little friend. We love you so. 


Baby Yoda dropping