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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: BAMFs

By Preeti Chhibber
Nightcrawler BAMF cover hero

We all know Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler is a c-a-t-c-h, amiright? But today, let’s talk about those lil’ dudes who echo our favorite furry little elf but on a micro-scale. 

First introduced in 1982, a Bamf shows up in a bedtime story Kitty Pryde is telling wherein she’s a swashbuckling pirate. He’s very smol and very cute. And then he immediately hits on her (Big Yikes). 

Uncanny X-Men BAMF

And then we find out he’s not alone, there are a whole swarm of Bamfs! They’re all small and fighty! From there, the Bamfs take on the role of helping out whenever the X-Team needs to teleport but there’s nary a Nightcrawler to be found... I’m oversimplifying because I really just want to talk about how cute they are.

Later, in an issue when we find out that they are not a figment of Kitty’s imagination, we get to watch them call Nightcrawler “Daddy” for, like, 32 pages.

Nightcrawler 1985 BAMF 3
Nightcrawler 1985 BAMF 2

Then they stick up for him and oh my goooood, look at that wee little belly. 

Nightcrawler 1985 BAMF 1

They get a new look (as did Nightcrawler) as the years went on, and I’d argue that now they’re even cuter because they seem way more lethal. They're like little demon cherubs. They’ll hug you and cuddle but also genuinely try to f*** people up on your behalf.  Look at these lil’ buds in Nightcrawler #2 (2014): 

Nightcrawler 2014 BAMF 2

My only question is, how do I get my own????