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SYFY WIRE Star Trek: The Next Generation

Chosen One of the Day: Beverly Crusher's interior design aesthetic

By Courtney Enlow

I have already sung the good word of the Starship Enterprise's excellent seat game, but that is largely the beginning and end of my appreciation of the general design scheme of the ship as it exists within Star Trek: The Next Generation. So much beige, so many mauves, wall panels for days, it's just not my preferred lewk. It's no one's preferred lewk unless your dream has always been to live inside a circa 1992 Merle Norman make-up palate. 

But there exists one exception to this rule, and that is the quarters of one Dr. Beverly Crusher, because her place is wild, y'all.

First, we have her dining table adorned with apples in an under-table shelf situation and the top of the table displaying one half of an apple. Bev. What is this half apple? Bev why. Bev what. 

Then there's the seating, which I appreciate in a different way from the bridge chair sitch. There are so many chairs, Beverly. So many. And in disparate wild locations, hardly conducive to gatherings. And maybe that's the point. I would also like to stick some of these fools in a chair and leave them there. 

On top of it all, facing her on her grotesquely uncomfortable looking bed, is a pair of Easter Island-esque head carvings that seem to be judging her harshly. And as in the episode I selected for screenshotting purposes, Season 6's "Suspicions," Beverly has lost her job as ship doctor, it's way harsh, heads.


Guinan's entrance was a welcome pop of a non-mauve but this neutral tone nightmare is honestly perfect as it is. Beverly Crusher: doctor, hero, interior design QUEEN.