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Chosen One of the Day: Blythe from You

By Courtney Enlow

Netflix's You is a dark show filled with toxic and predatory behavior. It's also my beautiful trash baby of a television program and I would die for it. And in a sea of superlative side characters, no one is more precious than Blythe (Hari Nef), Season 1's pretentious MFA student and perfect garbage angel.


When Beck (Elizabeth Lail) joins a writer's group in her MFA program, she is immediately greeted by Blythe, a talented writer with ev. er. y. thing. She's like the clubs listed off by Stefan from SNL of people. She's fluent in Swedish, she modeled in Tokyo, she says things like "how American," and she might be Raymond Carver reincarnated ("I was born in '88, the year he died, so weirdly enough you're not the first person to have said that.") She gives withering, soul-destroying reviews to her fellow students but with a casual, pitying tone where she's just...right? Basically she's the passive-aggressive voice of everyone's own imposter syndrome and I worship her.


And she's great at parties. If you think she's showing up to a literary costume party dressed as Elizabeth Bennet she is DISGUSTED you would think her so basic. She's Dorothea Brooke, you peasant.

Give Blythe a spin-off. Now. Or just cast Hari Nef in everything for the rest of time. Both would be preferable but I'm not picky.

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