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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: BowWow from Link’s Awakening

By Preeti Chhibber
Link's Awakening Hero

As a child of the video game age, I’ve known a version of BowWow in many iterations, the most famous of which might be the the giant unkillable chain chomp in Mario 64. But this new BowWow is a kinder sort, a more helpful sort — dare I say, the new big chomp BowWow is a Very Good Boy. 

BowWow and Madame MeowMeow Link's Awakening

When Link first comes across BowWow (presumably named after child rapper turned Fast and Furious actor, Lil Bow Wow), he’s chained up outside and frenetically jumping out at passerbys. But not harming! The lil guy’s just excited! His owner, Madame MeowMeow has three chain chomps as pets, and BowWow is the biggest (about the size of Link himself), so he has to hang out outside. So, of course, he gets petnapped and it’s up to our hero Zelda — excuse me, I mean Link! — to save the day. 

BowWow Link's Awakening

But don’t worry, BowWow holds his own. When Link liberates him, he immediately gets to work handling moblins, hinting at treasure, and let’s be real, being the only reason that Link can even progress past being a tiny little boy with tiny little arms. So shout-out to BowWow, bouncing with us through the adventure we call life.