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Chosen One of the Day: Dr. Akopian, dream ghost

By Courtney Enlow

On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Dr. Noelle Akopian (Michael Hyatt) is the long-suffering therapist of Rebecca Bunch, the voice of reason to Rebecca's confident non-reason for much of the series. As a psychologist, she is devoted to helping Rebecca who for the first few seasons refuses, ignores, or willfully misunderstands that help, a totally and painfully real thing that happens in counseling sessions for those of us who exist at times as one part mental illness, four parts denial. Dr. Akopian is dedicated, if exhausted.


And rarely able to hide it.


But that's the real Dr. Akopes. The other Dr. Akopes is way jazzier, and I don't mean her husband with the bad Yelp reviews. We're talking Dr. Akopian, Dream Ghost.

Toward the end of Season 1, Rebecca first encounters Dr. Akopian, Dream Ghost, on an airplane while passed out after a couple sleeping pills and a Bloody Mary, then in the series finale, she reappears after Rebecca drinks a green juice and falls asleep on the toilet (who among us hasn't been there, she asks as though it's a joke and not an actual thing she's done, haha, no but seriously). Dr. Akopian, Dream Ghost, helps Rebecca discover her inner truths through song and extended fantasy sequences which is tbh how I wish therapy actually worked sometimes. 

Dr. Akopian, Dream Ghost, walks Rebecca through her past and potential futures like a beautiful human(ghost) Christmas Carol, all while clad in the most stylish and comfortable ponchos available. I don't know if Dr. Akopian, Real Person, gets overtime for this, but she deserves it.

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