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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Dr. FaceHands

By Courtney Enlow

Do No Harm aired on NBC in 2013 and was canceled after two episodes. The show, based on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, starred Steven Pasquale as a neurosurgeon by day and evil murderboy by night, and featured lots of other great actors like John Carroll Lynch, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and then superstar-to-be Lin-Manuel Miranda. But that's not what people remember it for.

They remember it for being Dr. FaceHands.

This far superior title was endowed to the show by comedian Paul F. Tompkins because, I mean, look at that poster and try to call it anything else. His face is hands. His hands are face. DR. FACE. HANDS.

Even Lin knows the truth.

If the show had gone with its proper and superior title, it might still be on today, handsing faces and facing handses well into syndication. We might not have Hamilton but we'd still have Dr. FaceHands and who among us could say that's not worth it?

Thank you, Paul F. Tompkins. And never forget.

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