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Chosen One of the Day: Ghost Dog and Spider-Man's mutual admiration

Doctor Strange 390 Ghost Dog hero

In issue #390 of Doctor Strange (words by Donny Cates, art by Frazer Irving, and letters by VC’s Cory Petit) there’s a lot going on. A very quick backstory: Strange is Not At Home and in his place is our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. People are annoyed. Spidey helps a lady find Strange. (Just go read the issue.)

Most important for our purposes, it turns out Strange has been hiding away — with a Ghost Dog friend. A Ghost Dog friend that has the cutest wittle Spidey plush.

Doctor Strange 390 Ghost Dog 1

What follows — without giving away any actual plot whatsoever — is pure, mutual admiration and excitement. It’s the best. 

[insert BEYONCE???? Meme here] 

Doctor Strange 390 Ghost Dog 3

Seriously, they're so excited.

Ghost Dog is all, Avengers who? Doctor Strange what? 

Look how cute they are. Spidey and Ghost Dog, biffles we can aspire to be. 

Doctor Strange 390 Ghost Dog 4
It's a fan thing
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