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Chosen One of the Day: Grown baby Amistad from Young Justice

By Stephanie Williams
Amistad_Rocket_Bumblebee_Young Justice_3

Children, especially toddlers, are void of filters. They let you know what they’re thinking the moment they think it and leave you deal on your own. Usually, when one is read for filth by these little verbal assassins, it's by way of a cute voice, making the attacks on your soul sting a little less. Now imagine if that voice sounded like it had two mortgages and an AARP card. Well, this is exactly how Rocket’s son, Amistad, sounds in a Season 3 episode of Young Justice.

Missing media item.

In the scene from Episode 9, Rocket answers the door and both she and Amistad, voiced by Khary Payton, greet a very pregnant Bumblebee. Amistad points to her tummy and says with a voice dipped in student loan debt, “You gotta baby in there.” Amistad sounds like he might have to help take care of the child Bumblebee is carrying and is damn tired because he can’t pick up any more shifts at work. He has all the shifts already. Baby Amistad is already a Spades champion and wants to remind you of all the things he could do back in the day. Like how he could dunk on anyone and how he still had a mean fadeaway despite his bad knees. He also likes to remind of time he told you to make sure you got your oil changed before driving your car out of town but you didn’t listen and how he had to use up one of his AAA tows to come and get you.   

Khary Payton did his absolute best and we thank him for this scene because it's worth watching more than once.

Young Justice Outsiders 3x09 - Baby Scene
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