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Chosen One of the Day: Gudetama

By Preeti Chhibber
Gudetama Hero

Oh! To be a little lazy, tired egg yolk, with a teeny-tiny tush, always in search of the next “meh.” 

Sanrio is known for its cute and sweet and friendly characters, of course — this is Hello Kitty’s house after all — but in recent years they’ve expanded. Now we have Aggretsuko who sees our inner rage and we have my absolute favorite, Gudetama! 

Please say hello to Gudetama: 

Our little sad egg yolk is maybe the cutest little anthropomorphic thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Look. At. Their. Little. Butt. 

THAT LITTLE BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Gudetama’s Butt, a Haiku: 
Little orange butt
So small, so cute, I'm crying
I love you, wee egg 

But it’s not just Gudetama’s cute li'l butt that makes them today’s Chosen One. It’s that Gudetama makes us feel so seen. Have you ever seen a more perfect mascot for the year 2020? I mean. 

Gudetama bleak

The egg yolk is “disenchanted” with life, they are sad, they are over it, and you know what? Same. Throw me in an eggshell and let me sleep in the fridge. 

Gudetama please stop
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