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SYFY WIRE Warehouse 13

Chosen One of the Day: Helena Wells from Warehouse 13

By Tricia Ennis

What can be said about the illustrious H.G. Wells that hasn’t already been said? Genius. One of the founders of modern science fiction. Intimidating imagination. Time traveler. Slightly psychotic, near-world ending murderer. Bisexual icon.

Yes, Helena Wells as depicted on SYFY’s Warehouse 13 really was the complete package. Not only was she a brilliant science-fiction writer who invented the very idea of the time machine, but she actually invented a time machine and used it successfully. Twice.

A brilliant investigator, a cunning spy, manipulator of hearts and minds, Warehouse Agent, fugitive, seductress, feminist, mother, sympathetic villain, and tragic hero, Helena played a lot of roles in her handful of episodes, though perhaps her greatest was as one half of the sexually confusing partnership of Bering and Wells.

Myka and Helena’s relationship was somehow equal parts wary trust, injured betrayal, and deep understanding and respect, with just enough sexual chemistry thrown in to make you wish they’d really gone there at least once. At least we’ll always have fan fiction.

It’s really too bad she tried to destroy the world that one time.

Anyone else smell apples?

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