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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Hot Captain Hook

By Preeti Chhibber
Captain Hook OUaT hero

Once Upon a Time is a show that made many, many capital-D Decisions. Like, many. But among the best? Casting Colin O'Donoghue as our favorite cantankerous pirate, Captain Hook. Now, I’m with you all: Jason Isaacs is a very handsome, strangely compelling Captain Hook in 2003’s Peter Pan, but it’s O’Donoghue’s Hook in OUaT — a bad boy with a heart of gold — that, erm, hooked us. 

Captain Hook OUaT 1

If I’m being honest, which obviously I am always honest with you O! Loyal Readers, but if I am being honest, it’s not even the heart of gold that sells this Hook to us. It’s not his pretty face, or bitchin’ all-black ensemble. It’s not that he became the central dashing romantic interest for Emma Swan. It’s definitely not that he can look at us all come-hither from under his brow. (OK, it’s a little bit of that.) 

Captain Hook OUaT 2

But really, it’s the eyeliner. 

The eyeliner. 

Just a quick swipe dark line underneath those baby blues and we all lost our damn minds. 

(No? Just me?) 

Any way, Killian Jones — OH DID I NOT MENTION THAT HIS NAME IS KILLIAN JONES — can dock his ship in my harbor any time. 

The harbor is my heart. Obviously. 

Captain Hook OUaT 3