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SYFY WIRE Steven Universe

Chosen One of the Day: Lars’ Interdimensional Highway Head in Steven Universe

By Preeti Chhibber
Steven Universe Lars

When Steven Universe started way back when, the character of Lars Barriga was kind of a jerk — the most reluctant of reluctant friends to our favorite boisterous half-gem-half-human. Slowly but surely, as it with almost everyone Steven gets to know, Lars lowers his walls and they become friends. But that’s usually a dangerous thing for your average normie human. In Season 5, Lars, uh, kind of dies? But, in a classic win-win situation, he comes back to life and...his head? It’s an interdimensional portal. Also, he’s pink now. 

The portal, up to this point, was primarily referred to as Lion’s portal — named thus for a massive, silent pink lion that could move through dimensions and also someone Steven convinced to be his best friend. 

By opening a new door to Lion’s portal, Lars has unwittingly stumbled upon a wonderful new way to visit our friends. Granted, you can’t breathe in Lion’s dimension, but I’d hold my breath for a few minutes if it meant I could get to DUMBO without having to take the train. Let’s be real. 

Plus, everything is such a lovely shade of pink, and sure, Steven keeps some of his more mildly painful sentimental objects there but that’s fine. It’s all fine. 

Steven Universe savannah

Basically, at the end of the day, Steven’s got a one-track dimension to visit his friend in space. It’s 2020, how come we don’t have that for real? I want to visit my friends in space, America. Get it together. 

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