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Chosen One of the Day: Luke Skywalker's mean mug

By Courtney Enlow

Today is the 69th and therefore nicest birthday of the nicest spaceboy of all, Mark Hamill. For much of our lives, we knew Mark's Luke Skywalker as the very soft sun-kissed angelpuff of a cotton lamb, but when he made his valiant return in The Last Jedi, he was a grumpy cat of a curmudgeonly bearded dragon, and honestly, we're here for all iterations. Get you a wormie who can do both.

Living in exile on Ahch-To, Luke has taken some time to himself to grow a great beard, drink green milk, and party with turtle nuns. The soft boy has hardened but there's still no softer soft boy drink than milk so that tender farm toddler is still in there. But he hides behind THAT MEAN MUG. And his large hood. In 2020, wanting to be left alone grumping about in your favorite hoodie is relatable content. 

While Rey gets most of the muggery, the best use is clearly during his salty red nephew fight. Luke is UNBOTHERED. His shoulders are UNDIRTIED. 


Even his warm wink to his old gold friend C-3PO is but a glint of joy in a wizened face that has seen too much, but a clear sign of continued and ever-present Lukeness.


If Luke Skywalker can survive everything he's been through and still have a sweet wink, a couple tears, and a gentle heart, we can, too — until we crumple up into a pile of cape and go hang out with Yoda. It's exactly how we'd want to go. 

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