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SYFY WIRE Xena: Warrior Princess

Chosen One of the Day: Minya, OG Xena stan

By Courtney Enlow

Today is the 25th anniversary of Xena: Warrior Princess. Yes, on September 4, 1995, Xena al-al-al-ed into our hearts and minds. And less than two years later, she got the devoted FANGRRL she deserved — at least, that's how long it took to get a canonical in-show stan: Minya.

Xena and Gabrielle roll up to help Minya and her boyfriend Hower save their village in Season 2's "A Day in the Life." Hower immediately falls in love with Xena (typical, and our heroes are so bored with it) but it's Minya who has an encyclopedic knowledge of every episode moment of Xena's life, as well as excellent cosplay materials. Admittedly her whip game needs work, but her enthusiasm is unmatched.


Lest we forget, it is Minya who gives Xena and Gabrielle their famous hot tub time, periodically interrupting their flirts and petty sniping (frankly, they're the same thing) with extra hot water because she's so helpful, whether they want it or not.

Minya is too good for Hower, but at least she learned to be every bit her own Warrior Princess. Yes, our leather queen.

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