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Chosen One of the Day: Montana Duke, fitness icon

By Courtney Enlow

This season of American Horror Story, AHS: 1984, is extremely my sh*t. It's campy, it's murdery, it's bloody, and there's a metric eff-ton of Lycra and Spandex.

And no one is campier, murderyer, bloodier, or more in possession of Lycra and Spandex than Billie Lourd's Montana Duke, instructor of the Midnight Manerobics class.

Missing media item.

Like a true '80s professional, Montana straps on her finest lace leggings, belts her leotard (because it might fall down otherwise), blows more snow than a Minnesota city's public works department, and thrusts for the gods.

But she will not take your g*ddamn guff, Rod. No she will not turn off Billy Idol in favor of Cyndi Lauper and how dare you ask.


We have no choice but to stan. NOW THRUST.

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