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SYFY WIRE the Avengers

Chosen One of the Day: Off-duty Beast and Wonder Man

By Stephanie Williams

The Avengers are Earth’s mightiest heroes, and thanks to Wonder Man and Beast, they are also Earth’s most stylish heroes. When they aren’t dressed to save the world from certain doom, they’re dripping in the finest polyester blends that avenging money can buy.

Being an Avenger is a tough gig. Between the constant travel, the endless fighting, and dealing with mother hens like Captain America, the team deserve a night-off now and then. So when it’s time to step out for the evening, Wonder Man and Beast make the best of it.


Wonder Man and Beast spend their free night going to a '60s rock revival that also doubled as a blind date. Both are dressed like extras from Boogie Nights. Beast's suit may have come from the Men’s Wearhouse or the very back of Logan’s closet, but the mustard color compliments his blue fur well. It's the most clothes we ever see Beast in, so the moment deserves some applause, although one has to wonder how he made it past the bouncers without shoes. Perhaps his suit was just so distracting that the bouncers' gazes didn’t make their way down to his feet. They were simply too enticed by the mass of blue hair peeking out of Beast’s unbuttoned dress shirt.

Wonder Man is no slouch either, nor is he afraid of bold colors. His fuchsia suit and fishnet blue turtleneck certainly help him stand out from the crowd. These are outfits that look completely wasted, and Beast and Wonder Man certainly are, but that’s just how they roll when they're off duty. They wear it well. 

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