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Chosen One of the Day: Pikachu Libre

By Clare McBride

While Pokémon remains intensely popular, specific Pokémon rarely become stars in their own right. And those stars are usually, unsurprisingly, Pikachus, the official mascot of the company. Ash’s Pikachu, of course, is the Beyoncé of Pokémon, while Detective Pikachu is posed to win our hearts and minds on May 10. But, to quote Yoda, there is another, and her name is Pikachu Libre.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire introduced the Pokémon Contest Spectacular and, along with it, a special Pikachu known as Cosplay Pikachu. This little lady can be dressed in several unique outfits branded as Cool (a rock star!) to Clever (an overworked doctoral candidate!), but the most important is the Tough outfit, a lucha libre costume that allows her to perform the move Flying Press.

That’s right, she’s an electric mouse in a crop top and a luchador mask here to destroy you via suplex. If anybody told her she shouldn’t be wearing a spandex crop top because she is shaped like a hamster, she would electrocute you. Pikachu is your best buddy; Pikachu Libre did not come here to make friends.

I love her.

Pikachu Libre’s popularity soared with her inclusion on the Wii U port of Pokkén Tournament, an arcade fighting game where you play as specific Pokémon. Yeah, yeah, Detective Pikachu has a job and a hat or whatever, but Pikachu Libre? She’s a star.

These days, she’s suplexing under the radar, but she’s never too far away. In fact, you can play as her in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as Pikachu’s sixth alternate costume. So swap away, my friends, and enjoy the thrill of destroying your friends and your friendships not just as Pikachu, but the most metal Pikachu of all.