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Chosen One of the Day: Rachel Brosnahan's golden arm

By Courtney Enlow

If you, like me, saw this tweet from writer Zach Raffio and thought "this buckwild show wherein Rachel Brosnahan, Mrs. Maisel her very self, is deeply attached (physically obv but also EMOTIONALLY) to her golden C-3PO arm simply must be a very bizarre comedy in the vein of a Children's Hospital or other Adult Swim bizarro fare."

No. No it's not.

"The Golden Arm" is a two-part episode from the new Quibi show 50 States of Fright brought to us by none other than Sam Raimi himself. It features Rachel Brosnahan as a Michigan woman who loses her arm in a tree accident and gets a golden one instead. She becomes obsessed with her golden arm even as it kills her (literally of pulmonary gold disease). The doctor is all "Bish, lose your arm," and she's all, "NOT WITHOUT MY ARM-DAUGHTER." She coughs, goldly, into her golden arm. She lays weak but goldylike in her hospital bed. She dies of goldiness. But she wants, nay, NEEDS to be buried with her golden arm.

"Promise me something."


"When I die, bury me with my golden arm. [strained breathing] Promise."

*tears welling* "Yes."

"Say it."

*with all the determination of a man being forced to say this line but committing entirely* "I will bury you with your golden arm."


Spoiler alert for those without Quibi/those unfamiliar with the original folk tale: Her husband digs up her grave and steals her arm for the money. She haunts his ass. HAS SHE NOT MADE IT CLEAR ENOUGH THAT SHE VERY MUCH ENJOYS HER ARM?