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Chosen One of the Day: Soren, our Dragon Prince doof

By Preeti Chhibber
Soren the Dragon Prince hero

Who doesn’t love a doof? 

Soren, son of evil mastermind Viren on Netflix’s The Dragon Prince is just the doofiest himbo you were looking for. He’s strong, he’s handsome, he’s the head of the king’s guard, he’s... not traditionally, what we would call “book smart.”  

When we first meet Soren, he’s training Callum in swordsmanship, and at first it seemed like he was being set up to be the bully. But then when he realizes Callum is crushing on Soren’s sister Claudia, he offers to pretend to be taken down! That’s cute.


OK, he does knock Callum off his horse and he so maybe he is kind of a bully. And granted, he spends that first season between his moral compass and the direction of his father to kill the princes, but I mean… 

The kid names his zipline of death “the Slidey Sling Go Fast Rope” and we are expected to believe that he is going to be able to kill children? 

When he ends up bedridden, he’s overjoyed that he can’t follow through on his evil dad’s orders, and he’s going to become a haiku poet! 

Dragon smash boy  
Say the good words, now  
They light the hearts of other people. 

(You don’t need to count the syllables, his haiku is wrong and bad.) 

But it’s really in the latest season that Soren goes full himbo: he rejects evil etc., but also he brings his je ne sais quoi to team Dragon Prince! 

“Why are you stacking the bread like that, Soren?” 


Soren Bread Sandwich the Dragon Prince

Soren eating the Bread Sandwich the Dragon Prince

When he helps the baby prince get out of prison (don’t worry about it) he comes up with a truly excellent plan. Shove baby prince and his neon glowing pet toad inside of some hay and travel across the bridge in a cart full of hay. Fool proof. Mostly.

Soren the Dragon Prince Hay

"Hay's the best." 

Look, don’t just take my word for it. Netflix’s Dragon Prince team had Soren create his own intro for the series and it is the stuff of beauty. 

Any way all hail our reformed prince’s guard hero Soren, thank you for being you.