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Chosen One of the Day: Space Daddy Marshal Timothy Olyphant in The Mandalorian

By Preeti Chhibber
Timothy Olyphant The Mandalorian Hero

Spoilers for Season 2, Episode 1 of The Mandalorian

I have been been caping to get Timothy Olyphant cast in my favorite franchises for a while now — seriously, cast him as Uncle Ben you cowards!!! — and so when news broke that he’d been cast as a secret part in the second season of The Mandalorian, a lot of us lost our damn minds. 

Now, I’ll admit, when it finally came time to stream the second season premiere, I’d mostly forgotten our cocked hip, jaw clenching hero had been cast so suffice to say, when he lifts what is presumably Boba Fett’s old helmet off his head and we see that easy grin and scruffy face, I might have had a minor conniption. 

Timothy Olyphant The Mandalorian

(No, not even Olyphant’s penchant for playing marshals clicked in my brain at the episode title, but in my defense, I watched this at like six in the morning.) 

Mr. I-will-play-a-marshal-and-no-other-parts-except-maybe-a-realtor-until-I-retire shows the f*** up in this episode. 

Sidenote: please appreciate the Venn Diagram of Timothy Olyphant Roles

He reminds us that Tattooine is definitely a podunk planet with a thriving collective corruption scene that would rival Harlan County and that Luke Skywalker is absolutely a farm boy sweet baboo. Just listen to Olyphant’s twang every time he references a womp rat. He is charming, he brings the culmination of over a decade of experience as pop culture marshal icons Seth Bullock and Raylan Givens to the screen — here I must throw a shout out to W. Earl Brown, who is once again slinging drinks across the bar from Olyphant, though this is somewhat removed from the gold rush. 

Timothy Olyphant The Mandalorian 2

Also, can we talk about his scarf


And the shirt, the shirt is also good. It’s got texture. Like it’s there to represent the light gravel in his voice. 

Where was I?

I don’t feel bad for being distracted, to be honest, because Timothy Olyphant’s hotness distracted from the Actual Big Reveal at the end of the episode. Everyone was so excited to see our favorite new Space Daddy Marshal that the kicker at the end barely registered until hours later. For most of us, anyway. 

And if you say otherwise, you’re a liar and Space Daddy Marshal doesn’t take kindly to liars in this town.