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Chosen One of the Day: Strong Girl Bong-soon

By Preeti Chhibber
Strong Girl Bong-soon hero

Strong Girl Bong-soon is a Korean drama currently streaming on Viki and, buds, it’s great. It's about a very cute girl who has super strength but can’t tell anyone and the very cute boy she has to protect.

Cute Boy and resident rich man / CEO of gaming company / love interest Min-hyuk needs a body guard because reasons. Early on, he happens to see Bong-soon beat the sh*t out of some gangsters and while he’s a bit freaked out at her super strength, he decides to hires her. Because he sees what we see: perfection.

Look at her.

Here’s where she beats up some gangsters. 

Strong Girl Bong-soon 2

Here’s where she beats up some bullies who then become her most loyal advocates. 

Strong Girl Bong-soon 1

Here’s where Min-Hyuk tries to arm wrestle her... 

Strong Girl Bong-soon 3

… and loses VERY badly. 

Strong Girl Bong-soon 4

Look at her carry him to safety. 

Bong Soon carrying Min Hyuk

And look how much he loves her:  

She’s confident, she’s strong, and she deserves everything in the whole world. 

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