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Chosen One of the Day: Tan France, Pokémon enthusiast?

By Preeti Chhibber
Tan France Hero

The most recent season of Netflix’s Queer Eye premiered this month, and in it is an episode about a quiet gamer, a nerd after my own heart whose sister beckons the Fab Five to teach him that there is a community out there for him! And in this episode, resident French Tucker Tan France does his standard "go-through-the-closet-and-be-horrified-by-our-American-style" routine.




Tan pulls out a dark blue jacket, with a yellow collar, and white sleeves. It has a sigil on the left breast. A Poké Ball. Quite literally the international symbol of yes, I am a Nerd and I Am Proud. I waited with bated breath for Tan to tell Thomas that he doesn’t have to wear the things he loves because why not go for a more neutral or a more fun pattern. Or whatever? I don’t know. Either way. I waited.

And then Tan France, the style arm of the Netflix’s juggernaut that is Queer Eye, grabs the jacket and says, “Oh. I love that!” And he stares down at the Poké Ball in wonder.

But, really … does Tan France know what Pokémon is? Can someone ask him to call me and tell me? And if Tan knows what Pokémon is, then … he’s just validated every fan-based clothing purchase decision I’ve ever made. That said, I refuse to believe he does know.

As if Tan France has played Pokémon Go! Or can tell you who Charizard is.

Oh my god, how do you think Tan pronounces “Squirtle”???

Update March 22, 2019:

A Very Important Message from Tan France himself: