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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: The Final Pam

By Courtney Enlow

Monster Factory, a series of videos in which brothers Justin and Griffin McElroy use customization to create ridiculous characters and play them in various video games, has given us so very much. First starting when the two were at Polygon and now continuing on, Monster Factory has introduced us to the horrific Diet Rite Bart Simpson known as Borth Sampson, the Boy Mayor of Second Life, and of course the pinnacle of athletics that is Turbovicki. But the inarguably greatest gift the series has ever bequeathed upon us is Pam aka Pam the Unyielding aka Pam the Undying aka Pam the Devourer aka Pam the Existence Eater aka Pam the Fearkeeper aka...

The Final Pam.


Pam is a loving mother (of a can) and a loving wife (to her three husbands Trash Hulk, Metal Husband, and Roachy the Radroach). She can rock MYRIAD FASHIONS. From tuxes...

final-pam-suit gowns, beautiful gowns.


Like Carol Danvers before her, Pam traded in her cute bob for a power pompadour and we were all made better for it. If the apocalypse is just us and Pam, we are saved.