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Chosen One of the Day: Wolverine’s body with Spider-Man’s brain

By Preeti Chhibber
Ultimate Spider-Man Wolverine body-swap hero

Comics and body-swaps go hand in hand like oh-no-there’s-only-one-bed and fanfiction. That is to say, they go hand in hand very well. One of my all-time favorite body swaps comes in Season 1, Episode 10 of Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man series. 

… Spider-Man and Wolverine. 

Ultimate Spider-Man Wolverine Body Swap 3

They're not friends yet in this universe, but it makes for a better story, I promise. Through a series of madcap adventures (what body-swap doesn’t have a madcap adventure, I ask you), the two end up on the wrong end of Mesmero’s temper.

After a bumpy beginning full of claws to face and quips out the mouth about how bad Wolverine smells, we go full Freaky Friday

Ultimate Spider-Man Wolverine Body Swap 4

Ultimate Spider-Man Wolverine Body Swap 7

Honestly, wouldn’t you freak the f*** out if all of a sudden you smelled and had claws coming out of the back of your hands? Wolvy fares no better in Peter’s body, hunching and growling at his classmates and generally tearing to shreds the little rep our disaster child has. 

Ultimate Spider-Man Wolverine Body Swap 5

And then of course, Sabretooth shows up because even if he’s inside a hairy beast body, Pete’s still got that ole Parker luck to fall back on. 

But don't worry, he's got this! By which I mean, Peter stabs himself with Wolverine’s claws. More than once. 

I should note that Logan is also bad at being Spider-Man and so it doesn’t work out for him, either. 

Ultimate Spider-Man Wolverine Body Swap 6