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Chris Miller confirms Spider-Verse shows will be live-action

By James Comtois
Spider-Man 2002

The string of Spider-Verse shows that Sony tapped Phil Lord and Chris Miller to create earlier this year will be live-action. So says Miller even if he’s not saying much else.  

Following a panel for the Television Critics Association on Wednesday, Miller told Deadline that the shows will be live-action and maintain a sense of inter-continuity while working independently of one another... kind of like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

“We are developing a handful of live-action shows using Sony’s Marvel characters, of which there are like 900 characters,” said Miller. “We’re figuring out a way to develop the shows so that each are their own unique experience but are also related.”

Beyond that, Miller was quite tight-lipped in providing specific details. “It’ll be a little while before it all comes together and is on the air, but I think it is going to be something really special,” he added. “Hopefully we’ll know in the next few months where it’ll be and what the schedule will be.”

These are the first details that have been disclosed on the project since it was announced in April that Lord and Miller — who helped make Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse such a hit — had signed a five-year, nine-figure deal with Sony Pictures Television to develop, among other things, a string of shows based on the so-called “Spider-Verse,” aka the Marvel characters that Sony owns... so, essentially, Spider-Man and his rogues' gallery (as well as Black Cat and Silver Sable).

Sony is also working on a feature film for Morbius starring Jared Leto, and a sequel for Venom. No word yet on when the live-action TV shows will be swinging into view.

(via Deadline)