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Inside the Episode: Take an intimate look behind the scenes and into Chucky's backstory in Ep. 3, 'I Like to Be Hugged'

"Fans for decades have been wanting to know more about the origins of Chucky." Now, we're getting it.

By John Albinson
Inside the Episode: Chucky's creator and cast dig into Chucky's backstory

What's up, jerks? Are you loving SYFY and USA's original new series Chucky, but still craving a little more stabbing in your life? Well, fear not! SYFY's "Inside the Episode" series is here to give all of you fans of America's favorite knife-wielding doll a closer look into how each episode of the series is made. This week's installment focuses on the third episode, "I Like to Be Hugged," and dives into Chucky's origin story, Lexy's fiery escapade, and more blood-chilling tidbits!

How to Watch

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Listen to creator and showrunner Don Mancini discuss filming Chucky's origin story as the young child Charles Lee Ray, who, surprisingly, grew up in a loving home. "Fans for decades have been wanting to know more about the origins of Chucky," Mancini says. "This television show was the perfect opportunity to get into that."

We also get a behind-the-scenes look at what Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) goes through in this episode, from ominously singing "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" to her younger sister to being viciously attacked by Chucky in her burning bedroom. "Everything was super safe, but it was also me cowering in a corner while my entire red room went up in flames," Lind jokingly says.

So if any of that juicy footage interests you — and, c'mon, we know it does — be sure to watch this week's "Chucky: Inside the Episode," and be on the lookout for new installments after each new episode airs on SYFY & USA on Tues. nights at 10/9c. He's your friend 'til the end, right?