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Inside the Episode: Take a closer look at Chucky and his origin story in Episode 4, 'Just Let Go'

"Chucky is on a crusade to bring the monster out in everybody." Will he succeed?

By John Albinson

Long time, no see, huh jerks? Well, there’s a new episode of SYFY and USA’s original new series Chucky this week, which means another installment of “Inside the Episode,” SYFY’s exclusive video series that gives you, Chucky’s devout viewers, a behind the scenes look into each episode. This week’s installment focuses on episode four, “Just Let Go,” where we see the kids in the hospital after a particularly fiery encounter with Chucky as well as more background into the evil origin story of Charles Lee Ray.

How to Watch

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Watch the cast and crew break down the episode’s creepy hospital setting, which creator and showrunner Don Mancini cites was inspired by classic horror films such as Halloween II and The Shining. “It’s a fiasco,” Teo Briones, who portrays Junior Wheeler, says. We also get a glimpse into Chucky’s methodology of killing, with Mancini admitting, “People love to see him do his thing with his knife, but at the same time, one of the things we’ve done with the franchise is we’re constantly trying to be creative.”

We also get an inside look into the making of the Charles Lee Ray scenes, equipped with major ‘70s outfits and an “amazing” dead body prosthetic, according to Tyler Barish, who plays our young little killer. So, if any of this juicy behind-the-scenes footage interests you, be sure to watch the video and tune in every week for another installment of “Inside the Episode” after Chucky airs on Tues. nights at 10/9c.