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Chucky Star Jennifer Tilly Says She Once Predicted a Disaster in a Psychic Dream

During an appearance on WWHL, Tilly recalled the time she predicted a disaster in Cuba in the '90s. 

By James Grebey

Jennifer Tilly has experience with the supernatural. In the Chucky TV show and in several movies in the Child’s Play franchise, she’s played Tiffany Valentine, a serial killer-turned-living doll thanks to Voodoo magic. But, during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen she revealed she also has supernatural abilities in real life. 

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On Monday, Tilly was joined by Below Deck star Tumi Mhlongo and was asked if she has psychic powers, as she’s claimed before, and if she has ever made psychic predictions. 

“Yes, I have physic abilities,” Tilly answered, although she clarified that she doesn’t typically get premonitions that let her predict the future. However, there was one incident that came to mind that could qualify.

“Once I had a dream that I was standing on the deck of a boat and I saw, like, a white boat overturned and I wrote it down because I thought for sure there had been some disaster. I wrote down, like '180 people killed,' then I was checking the news because I was so positive it would happen,” Tilly recalled. “And at the end of the week, it came out of Cuba that a ferry had sunk and 180 people had died.”

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Tilly added that she was filming the 1993 drama series Key West at the time, so she was “very close to Cuba when it happened.”

Jennifer Tilly Was the Most Starstruck Meeting Tim Curry

During the WWHL appearance, Tilly was also asked if she’d ever worked with anybody that left her starstruck. She didn’t hesitate to answer. 

Tim Curry because when I was growing up we were obsessed with Rocky Horror Picture Show,” she said. “We’d go every Friday in our fishnets — a bunch of teenagers in our lingerie.”

Jennifer Tilly Said Sutton Stracke’s Health Scare Was Real

Jennifer Tilly holds her hands to her cheeks on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Tilly, who is friends with The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsSutton Stracke, fielded a question about Stracke’s sudden medical scare during the RHOBH reunion last month, when she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Tilly said she knew about it beforehand, as Stracke had called her after the reunion was taped but before it aired. 

“She said, ‘Oh my gosh, it was so awful — I had to be rushed to the hospital,’” Tilly recalled. “So I was sort of prepared for it, but it was really sad of me to watch.”

She also, in a somewhat playful way, dismissed any rumors that Stracke, who previously made a guest appearance on an episode of Chucky, had faked the incident just for drama’s sake. 

“I know some people are thinking ‘she was faking,’ but she’s not that good of an actress,” Tilly said with a laugh. “She guested on Chucky, she was great playing herself, but I don’t think she could do a full-blown sort of on-the-ground, writhing breakdown. So it made me sad.”

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