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Watch Jennifer Tilly Breathlessly Explain Her Feud with the Tiffany Valentine Doll

We can’t believe Tilly talked this much trash with Tiffany sitting right there beside her.

By Benjamin Bullard

Let’s say you’re a Chucky fan and you want a quick, rapid-fire explainer of how Jennifer Tilly and Tiffany Valentine really feel about each other. With Chucky Season 3, Part 2 only days from its April 10 premiere on USA and SYFY, it’s only natural that Tilly, the voice (and sometime human nemesis) of Tiffany herself, is probably the most up-to-date source for that kind of juicy info… even if things between them are a bit, um, complicated.

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First off, though, you’ve gotta keep pace with her. Plied with a sip or two of wine on a hilarious recent sit-in with Access Hollywood, Tilly brought the doll version of Tiffany along (or maybe it’s the other way around?) to dish out a spitfire-quick rundown of where their current relationship stands, while even explaining why Chucky is banking on all-out nuclear apocalypse as Season 3 gets set for its big return.

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Watch Jennifer Tilly talk trash to Tiffany Valentine (while the doll just sits there and takes it!)

We’ve gotta hand it to Tilly: She’s not afraid to call out Tiffany’s baggage, even if it means risking a murder-minded stab or two. With Tiffany (the doll) sitting right by her side just ready to make a move, Tilly launched into a scathing critique of their dysfunctional relationship, flagging Tiffany’s unfortunate recent turn of fate on the show as a major turning point.

“Last season, what happened was, when Tiffany’s spirit went into my body, my spirit apparently went into the Tiffany doll body, and then [it] was trying to escape and got killed — smashed by a truck,” said Tilly with a suspicious lack of remorse. “So now, Tiffany has no roles, she’s unemployed, and like all unemployed people, all she does is go through my closet, borrow my clothes, drink my alcohol — I had to put a lock on the liquor cabinet! So she’s really happy to be here!”

As Tilly says all this, we’re just waiting for Tiffany to grab something sharp and bring chaos to the talk show set… but somehow she just remains lifelessly still as Tilly berates away. It got worse, too, especially after Tilly started in on what a deadbeat her tiny plastic sidekick can be behind the scenes.

“Tiffany’s unemployed now, because I took over her part in the movie,” she teased. “The Tiffany doll is Jennifer Tilly’s biggest fan, and she’s sort of stalking me — she goes into my body. So she’s been living the fabulous, glamorous movie star life of ‘Jennifer Tilly’ for the last 20 years, but Tiffany the doll is really annoying, ‘cause she’s saying ‘You stole my part!’ And I hardly ever work anymore, and I need the money and exposure more than you! ‘Cause I can play all kinds of parts. Tiffany can only play Tiffany the doll!”

Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) wears sunglasses and stands in front of trucks in Chucky 304.

It’s gotta be rough for a doll, keeping your cool like that on national TV while Tilly just mercilessly dresses you down. We’re guessing Tiffany stayed on her best behavior not because she’s, well, y’know, just a doll, but probably because Chucky — who’s dealing with extra anger issues of his own right now — just might’ve been watching from the White House.

How’s that going for Chucky, anyway? — You know, the whole advanced-aging curse he’s been hit with while trying to gain access to the Washington, D.C. nuclear codes that could jump-start Armageddon? Tilly brought fans up to date in the way that only Tilly can — which is a fancy way of saying she found a way to swing the whole plot intrigue right back around to focus on Tiffany.

“…[Chucky’s] becoming very, very old, and you saw there in the clip — he looks like the Crypt Keeper!" Tilly joked. "He’s in the White House to create mayhem, but he’s kinda losing his nerve… because he’s old. You know, old people don’t wanna do much. They just want to relax and put ointment on their sores!”

Ouch. Yep, that might seem pretty brutal alright, but who’s really going to stop Tilly when she’s on a roll? If anything, it all just adds fuel to the fire as Chucky fans get set to tune in for the second half of Season 3. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long: Chucky Season 3, Part 2 returns to USA and SYFY with four new episodes beginning April 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.