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Can Tiffany Die? Chucky's Jennifer Tilly Jokes That the Answer Is Baked into Her Contract

Chucky star Jennifer Tilly offers a look inside her character's prison cell and teases Season 3, Part 2 details.

By Tyler McCarthy

The inimitable Jennifer Tilly is back as Tiffany Valentine in Chucky Season 3, Part 2 (debuting April 10 on USA and SYFY), and she’s giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at her latest abode: a prison cell. 

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Last Season, Tilly gave viewers a look inside her lavish mansion. Now, Tiffany’s circumstances have certainly changed, but she’s still living as lavishly as possible thanks to a little help from her Voodoo powers and a surprisingly positive attitude for someone on death row. 

“This is my own little sanctuary here,” the actress says in the video below, showing her character’s prison cell. “You can’t go in there because it’s really private, but it is super cute. It was kind of grim when I first went in there, oh my God, they have that overhead prison lighting, which is very unflattering on a woman of my advanced age.” 

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Chucky's Jennifer Tilly Teases Season 3, Part 2 and Gives Us a Tour of Tiffany's Prison Cell

As seen in the first part of Season 3, Valentine has gotten the upper hand on her guards in prison by creating Voodoo dolls of almost all of them. While she doesn’t have enough under her control to fully escape death row (she’s working on it), she has enough to make her comfortable with cute outfits and home decor. 

“Everybody does everything I want here because I’m very popular,” Tilly explains. “People love me very, very much.”

However, she then moves the tour to her real prized possessions, the dolls themselves. While they all look the same, they each represent a different guard and anyone else who may get in her way. All of this is in service of hopefully escaping her execution. But is that even possible? In a Season where all our villains, even Chucky himself, are facing certain death, one wonders if Tiffany, who has come back to life almost as much as Chucky, can even die. According to the actress, the answer is no.

“Tiffany can’t die, it’s in my contract,” Tilly jokes. As for how true that is, fans will just have to tune into Chucky Season 3, Part 2 to find out.

Chucky Season 3, Part 2, premieres April 10 on USA and SYFY.