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Recap: Chucky goes out with a bang and one hell of movie-worthy showdown in the Season 1 finale

It’s all led to this, and now, the real fun can start.

By Caitlin Busch

It’s all led to this, and now, the real fun can start. The season finale of SYFY & USA’s Chucky, "An Affair to Dismember," opens with Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) arriving at the Wheeler household, where he’s greeted by a newly patricidal Junior (Teo Briones). Andy’s on the hunt for what he believes to be the final Chucky doll, but now that Junior’s firmly in Chucky’s corner, his task just got a lot more complicated.

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Junior invites a suspicious Andy in and leads him to where he thinks Chucky is hiding to take him down, but instead, Chucky has taken up residence in the toilet to hide from his original victim. Andy tells Junior to stay away from the doll and leaves, back on the hunt for his quarry and Jake, his new ally.

Chucky tells Junior that he’s got big plans for Andy — meaning he doesn’t want to take him down yet — and that he threw his dad’s body down the laundry chute. He’s also got big plans for the rest of Hackensack.

Suspicious Andy Barclay Arrives at Junior's House to Hunt Chucky

Meanwhile, Jake (Zackary Arthur) and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) are trying to work out why Chucky would need help from so many other dolls and the kids themselves; he seems perfectly capable of killing folks on his own. Jake asks if this might be some kind of voodoo ritual, similar to the one Chucky used to transfer his soul into a doll in the first place. That’s when the doll Jake found in the previous episode comes to life and moves to kill the kids, only for Kyle (Christine Elise) to show up and shoot him through the head.

She saves them, explains Chucky’s ability to split his soul between various dolls (or even a person if you count Nica), and gathers what information she can, only to drug them so they fall asleep and can’t follow her into danger. She’s experienced firsthand what happens when kids get too involved with Chucky, and she doesn’t want Lexy and Jake to suffer the same fate as her and Andy. At the very least, she promises to save Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson). 

Because Devon is trapped in the basement of Charles Lee Ray’s childhood home, where Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) returns to find Nica-possessed-Chucky (Fiona Dourif) pretending to be Nica in order to kill Tiffany. He jumps her and threatens to kill her (again) for what he promises to be the last time. Before he can plunge the knife into her chest, though, Tiffany reminds him that he needs her for his grand plan to work. He thinks about it for a moment, declares that “thinking is for losers,” and moves to stab her again, only for the original Chucky to show up with Junior in tow and talk his other half down.

“She right, bro,” doll-Chucky tells Nica-Chucky. “We need her. And I’m kinda used to having her around.”

Chucky Meets the Troops

Tiffany is delighted to see doll-Chucky, picking him up and kissing him before taking him to the basement and revealing Chucky’s army of other Chuckies. Doll-Chucky explains that it’s thanks to Junior’s killing his dad that the ritual to bring all these other dolls to life worked. And now, all Junior has to do to complete the cycle is kill Devon, who’s still tied up in a chair in the corner. Junior’s understandably disturbed by the idea, but Chucky’s already moved on, plotting how they’re going to kill Jake and Lexy, and addressing his troops.

The goal? Chaos. The rules? No killing babies — they’re not savages.

Chucky’s army hops back into the boxes and Tiffany pays a delivery man to drop them off at the local theater the next evening. She returns to the Ray basement after having completed her task and delivers some cookies to Junior, who she’s doting on like a mother. What she wants, though, is Chucky’s attention, and both doll-Chucky and Nica-Chucky are ignoring her so they can chat it up and complain about Andy. When she gets upset, claiming neither of them knows “how to treat a lady,” Nica-Chucky claims she isn’t one and gets slapped so hard he falls down and Nica’s consciousness returns to the forefront. 

Realizing he’s lost the upper hand, Chucky orders for Nica to be killed, much to Tiff’s distress, as she insists that Nica is a part of him now. When Tiffany can’t, Chucky turns to his new protege, Junior, who gears up for the kill — only for Tiffany to pounce on doll-Chucky and decapitate him as blood gushes from his little body. Cackling, Tiffany tells Chucky she’s done with him, for good.

This is also when Tiffany takes the chance to reveal her greatest secret: That she’s the one who called the cops on Chucky that night in Chicago when he first got chased down, shot, and transferred his soul to a Good Guy doll. Why? Because he’d started killing without her and drifting away, just like he always has. Chucky is, naturally, furious, but Tiffany leaves him behind, drugs Nica to make her more manageable, and brings Junior under her wing. She also drops a reference to Glenda — her and Chucky’s genderfluid child who also sometimes goes by Glen and who audiences first met in Seed of Chucky (2004) — who’s gifted her a bomb in a fashionable little travel case. Tiff sets the tripwire for the bomb in front of the house and drives away with Junior and another Chucky doll Junior wants to bring with him.

Still locked in the basement, Devon is almost taken out by the decapitated Chucky, only for Andy to arrive just in time to smash the body into submission with a baseball bat and make a glib remark about “another goddamn head,” similar to the one he tortured in previous films. He saves Devon, who tells him about the other dolls Chucky has on a truck. Just as Andy starts to interrogate the head, Kyle shows up and trips the motion sensor, igniting the bomb and leaving us unclear about her, Andy, and Devon’s fates as the house is blown sky-high. 

Upon waking from their drug-induced nap the next morning, Lexy and Jake once again confirm how close they’ve gotten, but panic upon learning that the house they knew Devon was trapped in had exploded the previous night. Jake makes his way to the Evans household, where he begins to cry, only for Devon to show up, alive but shaken. He tells Jake that Kyle and Andy were both in the house, and Jake tells Devon what Kyle told him: That Chucky needed to corrupt an innocent in order to complete his spell, confirming his goal throughout this whole season.

They figure out that Chucky’s going to hit Mayor Cross’ benefit, where the mayor introduces their special guest star: Jennifer Tilly (aka Tiffany Valentine inhabiting in-world Jennifer Tilly’s body). Lexy, who’s there with her mom, is lured away by Junior, pretending to be kidnapped by Chucky instead of willingly going along with Tiff’s plan. Part of that plan is donating her “personal collection of vintage Good Guy dolls,” 72 of them, to children across the country, thus infecting homes everywhere with murderous little monsters. “Jennifer” even gives one to Lexy’s little sister Caroline, who takes the doll into the theater with her to watch Frankenstein.

Backstage, Lexy finally catches up with Junior, who monologues about how afraid he used to be. “But Chucky changed everything,” he says brandishing a knife. “He taught me how to be a man.

The Chucky doll Caroline brought in is busy with his own knife, crawling under the seats in the theater and killing people, including Lexy and Caroline’s dad, through the cushions. A stampede ensues, and when the panicked crowd has cleared from the theater, Chucky joins Lexy and Junior just as Junior is encouraging his ex to join him and Chucky.

“You and Junior are made for each other,” Chucky tells Lexy, as he’s looking to corrupt yet another innocent.

That’s when Jake and Devon arrive — Devon takes Caroline to safety, and Jake confronts another Chucky, who taunts Jake, calling him pathetic and saying there’s no way anyone will ever remember him. Jake leads Chucky on a chase through the theater, and barely manages to fight the doll off. While Jake is caught in his 1:1 showdown, Junior barely manages to defy Chucky’s influence, running past Lexy and stabbing Chucky, only to get stabbed himself. 

Junior dies in Lexy’s arms just as his cousin fights his own Chucky off and gets to deliver a heroic speech about how weak Chucky is because he’s alone. He’s nothing because he doesn’t care for anybody and nobody truly cares for him.

“All anybody’s gonna remember tonight is how we kicked your ass,” Jake tells Chucky as he strangles him against a wall so hard that his eyes pop out. Triumphant, Jake and Devon leave the theater together to find Lexy at the front with her mom and sister. Our trio of young heroes hug, having survived hell and gained a found family at the same time.

That’s not the end, though. The truck full of Chucky dolls is still on the move — but not if Andy Barclay has anything to say about it. He survived the explosion, and he takes the driver out, gives Tiffany the finger on the way, and drives off with the dolls. We think he’s in the clear, but no; a Tiffany-possessed doll like the one we first saw in Bride of Chucky appears with a gun and forces Andy into obedience. For now. If we know one thing, it’s that Andy Barclay’s got a trick or two up his sleeve when it comes to taking down possessed dolls.

Chucky 108 PRESS

Meanwhile, having lost the battle, human Tiffany takes a different trophy: Nica, whose arms and legs she’s surgically removed so that if Chucky repossesses her, there’s nothing he can do anyway. The last we see of Nica, she’s screaming bloody murder with Tiffany overjoyed about her new plaything.

Unlike our villains, our young heroes have realized they have each other. They stand together at the local cemetery over Junior’s grave, hugging and promising to stick together. After all, they’re stronger that way…

How Many Victims Did Chucky Really Have?

But wait. Stop right there. This is Chucky’s series, not some sappy little story about love and friendship winning the day. And that means we end the first season of Chucky on a different note, with Chucky wearing a smoking jacket in front of a fireplace and regaling the audience with the rundown of his triumphant kills of the season — 21 in total!

Find out how many more bodies (not all of them human) Chucky racks up next season when Chucky returns for Season 2.