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Chucky’s 5 most disturbing kills: See 'em all during SYFY’s Labor Day Child’s Play marathon

By Caitlin Busch

It’s a day off for many hard workers out there, which means it’s time to play! We know someone who always wants to play…Chucky! That’s why on Monday, Sept. 6, SYFY is airing a Child’s Play marathon you won’t want to miss — or else.

As we await his arrival this weekend and for the premiere of SYFY and USA’s original Chucky series this fall, it seemed like a good time to revisit Chucky’s greatest kills. He is, after all, pretty fond of a little chaos.

If you want to revisit these moments yourself, you can catch up with your friend ‘til the end with Child’s Play (1988), Child’s Play 2 (1990), Child’s Play 3 (1991), Bride of Chucky (1998), Seed of Chucky (2004), Curse of Chucky (2013), and Cult of Chucky (2017), all on SYFY this weekend. You can check out SYFY’s full programming schedule here.

01. Dr. Death’s death (Child’s Play)

There’s a reason the original Child’s Play is such a classic. It launched a decades-long franchise, sure, but it also gave us plenty of excellent horror fodder that haunts many folks’ nightmares to this day. One such horribly iconic scene comes when Chucky confronts John, aka “Dr. Death,” played by Raymond Oliver. 

Upon realizing he can bleed and feel pain, Chucky goes to John to try and get him to reverse the voodoo spell that transferred his soul in the first place. When John refuses, Chucky grabs a voodoo doll that John has of himself and methodically breaks his limbs. Once John gives up the information, Chucky stabs him in the heart, killing him.

02. Good Guy makeover (Child’s Play 2)

While wielding his trusty knife arm, Chucky comes across a particularly unlucky factory worker and slashes him across the face. The gentleman in question then falls onto the conveyor belt where Good Guy dolls are being constructed bit by bit.

Needless to say, getting doll eyes jammed into your sockets is bad enough. Having arms, legs, hair, and other, unknown dolls parts grafted to your body ‘til you resemble a multi-limbed, pulsating, Lovecraftian creature? That’s a bit more than child’s play (sorry).

03. Chief Warren gets what’s coming to him (Bride of Chucky)

OK, so death might be a little extreme in the case of Chief Warren Kincade (John Ritter). But the guy is undoubtedly a d*ck. 

When Warren frames his niece’s boyfriend, putting a damper on Chucky and Tiffany’s plans, they take matters into their own hands and kill him via Hellraiser makeover. That is to say, they rig a trap that launches giant nails into the chief’s face, killing him instantly — and turning him into a Pinhead cosplayer. 

04. Damien’s demise (Bride of Chucky)

There’s a theme here, and that theme seems to be blood. There's certainly plenty of it in Bride of Chucky when Chucky returns to the fold with Tiffany’s help and rips the rings out of her boy toy Damien’s lips. He screams, he bleeds, and then Chucky suffocates him to death with a pillow while Tiffany looks on, overjoyed to see her beau return to her and what he loves most: murder.

05. Piano wire decapitation (Seed of Chucky)

When a puppeteer begins taking Tiffany apart only to find that she’s got a spine and (gulp) organs, he’s baffled. He’s probably even more baffled when Tiff and Chucky team up to wrap a piano wire around his neck, pull, and pop his head off like a top.

That Chucky and Tiffany choose that moment to participate in a lip-smacking makeout sesh while covered in the man’s blood makes this all the more horrifying.