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What happened to Kyle in the season finale of SYFY & USA's 'Chucky'?

Chucky creator Don Mancini sheds some light on one of the finale's biggest cliffhangers.

By Matthew Jackson
Chucky 106 Still PRESS

This week's Chucky season finale brought with it quite a few big developments, all of them setting the stage in one way or another for the already-announced second season. Chucky's personal mission was made clearer, his opponents fought harder, his allies made some surprising choices, and in true Chucky fashion, not everyone made it out alive.

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But how many of the characters we seemingly lost in the finale are really gone for good? In a new interview with SYFY WIRE, creator Don Mancini teased that one key player in the saga might not be as dead as she seemed. 

SPOILERS AHEAD for the Chucky Season 1 finale, "An Affair to Dismember."

Among the many, many big references from the Child's Play franchise dropped in Season 1 was the return of Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), who Chucky first menaced all the way back in Child's Play, and his foster sister Kyle (Christine Elise), who first met the evil doll in Child's Play 2. Because of their mutual, lengthy history with the killer doll, both Andy and Kyle arrived on the scene in the series fully aware of what Chucky is capable of, and prepared to stop him by any means necessary. 

For both Andy and Kyle, that mission seemed to be cut short in the Season 1 finale thanks to a well-placed explosive outside Charles Lee Ray's childhood home. The bomb was placed by Tiffany, with a convenient tripwire that Andy seemed to avoid on his way into the house to rescue Devon (Björgvin Arnarson). Sadly, Kyle didn't avoid the tripwire and ignited the bomb as she arrived at the house, seemingly sealing her fate, along with Andy and Devon. 

But wait! Andy and Devon actually survived the blast to fight on later in the episode, so what happened to Kyle? Well, if you watch the scene of the surviving kids in the cemetery at the episode again, and ponder those mysterious gloved hands, you might find a clue. 

“I did include a cliffhanger with the gloved hand, [implying] that someone is watching the kids at the cemetery, someone with the gloved hand," Mancini teased. "A couple of episodes earlier, we saw Kyle by herself with Andy [and they had] these gloves.”

So, is a gloved Kyle alive and well in that cemetery? Is she alive, but not very well? Did someone else get their hands on those gloves? We'll get answers when Chucky returns for Season 2.