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Who is Tiffany Valentine in SYFY & USA's Chucky? She's so much more than a partner in crime.

A girlfriend, a bride, a mother, a lover... and a deranged psychopath. She's not the type of girl you bring home to mom.

By John Albinson
Chucky 105 Still Press

Jack and Rose. Noah and Allie. Chucky and Tiffany. One of cinema’s most deranged romances has made its way to television as Tiffany Valentine, Chucky’s murderous love interest, finally made her long-awaited appearance in Episode 5 of SYFY & USA’s Chucky. Long-standing Chucky fans certainly know the saga of Tiffany, as she’s left quite a bloody imprint on the franchise. From girlfriend to bride to mother, she’s been through quite a ride — always with knife in hand. But for those who might not be familiar with Chucky’s equally terrifying lover, let’s take a ride down memory lane and reacquaint ourselves with the world’s second-scariest doll.

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Tiffany Valentine, portrayed by horror icon Jennifer Tilly, made her first on-screen appearance in 1998’s Bride of Chucky. Canonically speaking, though, she was actually the girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray before he became a killer doll. The legend goes that after Charles transferred his soul into a Good Guy doll and became the Chucky we all know and love, Tiffany spent 10 years attempting to find the doll in the hopes of bringing her evil boyfriend back to life. We pick up this storyline in Bride of Chucky, in which, as luck has it, she steals Chucky from a police officer and successfully manages to resurrect his soul via "Voodoo for Dummies," a book that is arguably the true villain of this franchise.

Chucky the doll comes back to life and immediately tells Tiffany that he was never planning on proposing to her back when they were both humans. As you can imagine, this is not something you should say to a person who has spent the past decade trying to save you. Tiffany locks Chucky in a playpen, where he manages easily to escape (duh). He finds her taking a bath and knocks a TV into her tub, killing her and transferring her soul into a doll that is instantly more stylish than her male counterpart. Bride of Chucky ends with our two young lovers getting into a massive fight with Tiffany stabbing Chucky and giving birth to their child, which is admittedly about as well as their first movie together could have ended.

Tiffany’s next appearance is in 2004’s Seed of Chucky, and trust us, it’s no family comedy. (Although the "family" aspect is certainly present.) We get really meta in this one, as the Jennifer Tilly is an actual character in the movie — so, naturally, Tiffany transfers her soul into her body. Unfortunately, Chucky elects to stay in doll form, abandoning his plan to become human with Tiffany again. Look, every great relationship has its tests, right?

Tiffany doesn’t have a big part in 2013’s Curse of Chucky, which is probably for the best, because at this point it’s pretty obvious that murder and chaos follows wherever she goes. But don’t worry, she’s not entirely absent from this movie: She still finds time to mail Chucky to Alice, Nica Pierce’s niece. (You can read more about Nica and Alice here.)

Because you can only keep true love at bay for so long, our romantic duo are reunited once more in 2017’s Cult of Chucky. Part of Chucky's soul ultimately gets inside the body of Nica, who has been institutionalized at the Harrogate mental facility after being falsely accused of committing Chucky’s crimes. (As young Jake is learning in SYFY & USA's Chucky, this little serial killer is pretty good at pinning his crimes on others.) Tiffany ends up murdering a security guard and rescuing Nica/Chucky, and admits that although their relationship is now different — you know, her boyfriend is now possessing the body of an innocent young woman — they’ll find a way to make it work. How romantic, right?

Which brings us to Episode 5 of Chucky, where we find our not-so-young lovers making out and killing innocent people just like old times! Tiffany and Nica/Chucky have now made their way to Chucky’s hometown of Hackensack and are ready to aid him in whatever gruesome plan he has next. There are a lot of kills and zero regrets between these two psychotic murderers. Jake, Devon, and Lexy have no idea what they’re in store for.